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How do I get paid?
Last Updated 4 years ago

Keep things simple, that is the motto here at Simply Interpreting.

Please prepare one Invoice per month and submit it via the "Submit Invoice" button at Simply's website, or you may bookmark

Simply provides a number of templates in 1 page, 2 pages and 3 pages format for convenience and faster Invoice processing. You may use your own Invoice template, but do ensure all of the necessary details are on your Invoice to avoid delays in your payment. (Tip: Compare our Invoice template to yours to ensure you provide all of the information we requested on our Invoice template).

You may get paid by bank check or ACH Direct Deposit. Please notify us in advance of any changes to your personal information (Legal name, business name, address, bank account number, etc.). Please deposit and cash checks before they expire (check the date and expiry on the check), your bank will return expired checks and it will cause a delay in reissuing a new check to you.

Accounting matters are handled by Controllers via Email at You may also submit a ticket to reach Controllers. Our service response is 2 business days for accounting matters while we research and prepare a response to your inquiry.

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