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Did you receive my Invoice?
Last Updated 4 years ago

When you submit your Invoice via the Invoice portal at, it is highly likely that we received it. You will be displayed a confirmation of your submission as well. If for some reason you are concerned or did not see the confirmation message, you may submit your Invoice again.

Please note that our Controllers team is very busy and our goal is to process everyone's Invoice on-time. When you submit questions to Controllers, it takes away from our time processing Invoices for everyone else. Please be patient and have faith in our system. If we did not receive your Invoice, our Controllers team will email you at the month end requesting it. If you receive this email, please reply back with your Invoice and we will give you high priority on processing your Invoice.

Once your Invoice is approved and inputted into the system, we will email you with the Approval Notice and the amount approved. If there are any amounts not approved, they will be explained. If you disagree with the notice, you may appeal it by replying to the email and CC'ing Please provide information on the case for investigation on our end.

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